Attending college is expensive. Not just for your parents, or whomever is paying for your education, but for us students as well. Buying new stuff, going to shows and events, dinners out, etc. It all gets very expensive. Of course you might say the solution is to not spend your money but let's be honest, we're going to spend it anyway. The purpose of this blog is to help you find ways to lessen the damage to your bank account and still be able to go out with your friends and buy that new TV you've wanted.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tips: From My Own Experience

If any of this applies to you  DO NOT bring extra money to college!

  1. Live on campus
  2. Are on a meal plan
  3. Don't have a car

What else do you need to spend money on? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided, if you live on campus you can walk or take public transportation wherever you need to go, and if you aren't driving you don't have to pay for gas. If you have no reason for money you shouldn't bring it with you. My suggestion is to open a bank account with a family member that you can only access when you are home. That way your money is put away, earning interest, and you can't spend it.


If you are like me and you live off campus, have a limited food plan, and have your car, things are a little different. You're going to need to bring some money BUT there are ways that you can make money in college, or at least put less of an impact on your wallet.

Drive People:

You can run your own little taxi service if you brought your car. Offer to be the designated driver a few nights a week. This will help you make friends, learn your way around town, make a little extra money (unless you do it for free), and keep you from getting in trouble for partying too hard. If you use your car to travel back home offer other people rides, that are on the way of course, and ask them to help pay for gas money.

Get a Job:

Talk to your school's career services department and they should be able to help you find a job or at least point you in the right direction. You could also try Craigslist.

Sell Your Junk:

I'm sure that there are a few things you bought for college or brought with you that you have realized you no longer want or need. So sell it. Don't hold on it to because you think you need it or might use it. Sell it for some extra cash. Also, when the semester ends most bookstores will buy back your books. You could also sell them to Amazon or on Craigslist.

Making Money Online

There are quite a few sites that you can make some extra money online. I'm only going to talk about ones that I have used that I know work. Other than having benefited from these sites, I have no affiliation with them.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk - small tasks for low pay
  • PaidViewpoint - online survey site
  • Blogger - this is done by monetizing your blogs. This can done via associate programs like Amazon's affiliate program or Google Ad Sense. For both you get paid for having advertisements on your web page. 
All of these require more work than you probably want to do for the amount of money you will be making but free money is free money, right? The mechanical turk program is comprise of little tasks such as a short survey or following a link to see if it works, things like that. You get paid by the penny basically, but for something that takes 30 seconds that's pretty good. PaidViewpoint is one that I was skeptical about because it is a survey site however, I was impressed. It is extremely simple, and the surveys are quick. Again, you get paid very little for each survey. Making money through blogging is something that requires a moderate around of work and dedication but once your blog gets going it will take care of itself.