Attending college is expensive. Not just for your parents, or whomever is paying for your education, but for us students as well. Buying new stuff, going to shows and events, dinners out, etc. It all gets very expensive. Of course you might say the solution is to not spend your money but let's be honest, we're going to spend it anyway. The purpose of this blog is to help you find ways to lessen the damage to your bank account and still be able to go out with your friends and buy that new TV you've wanted.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Using Zazzle

I mentioned in my first post that one way to make money was through online sources. One of the ways I mentions was through Zazzle. I have to admit, i have not had as much success with this I would like HOWEVER I am not a fully devoted photographer that puts all of my time into it. I am only just an amateur hobbyist. Anyway, take a look below:

make custom gifts at Zazzle

This is a very basic example I like to use. I took this picture at work, with my iPhone, and did nothing to it. the whole process too 10 seconds. Then, I posted it to Zazzle which took about 30 seconds. Very quick. When you post it you will then have options to alter text, picture position, minor color changes, and then what audience you would like to target. The finally step is to select the royalty. this is how you make your money. the base amount is 5.0% however you cab make it larger. Just remember, people won't buy insanely expensive things.