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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Interesting Tip

First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014 has arrived and has brought with it a bunch of changes. Has anyone seen all the hubbub on the news about Colorado and Washington beginning to sell recreational marijuana? Washington is still a little behind Colorado but MAN is that a big deal.

Whilst browsing the internet I came across another blog that is brand new. It seems to be a couple of guys posting some how to instructionals for people that smoke weed BUT I saw an interesting post that could be of interest to you guys.

Here is the original article

It was about hiding your belongings. 

They focus on hiding what they refer to as "smokeables" in a few clever different ways. One, which is very appropriate, was using a binder. Here's a picture of the one they made:

So, I thought, what if this could be practical for college kids? Even the ones that don't engage in recreational drug use. Well, I found this:

So, you don't have to worry as much about your roommate taking some of your alcohol, or it getting confiscated if you live in a dorm. That counts as saving money, right? Anyways, I found this really amusing and thought I might share it with you. Enjoy!